Love: The Old Painter and his Countryside

Love: The Old Painter and his Countryside

I invite you to read or hear this fascinating love story accompanied by the perfect music to take you to the magical world of the artist who made the most perfect paintings while inspired by the love he professed for his wife.

In the running of life you meet someone that he or she will really forge a happy or sad destiny, that is, that love that will give you what I said before.

This old painter possibly painted a work what he imagined, maybe his own reality. Reality that at same time lived also his son, that after having been born for a short time, he died.

The old painter perhaps revive his past life through that child that in that picture becomes alive; if the old painter imagined it, I don’t know! Two lives maybe alike? It could be!

When love is big and sincere, you lose it soon, or if it last, it’s the same, because life is so short for giving all of ourselves, although so many years have passed by.

When you read this love story, maybe you cry or probably you meditate, but the development of this story is fascinating and sad at the same time, and in the end you'll have the answer.